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Los Angeles City Soft Story Retrofit Ordinance

About Us

An industry leader for over 34 years, CalRetrofit is a full service seismic retrofit management company specializing in seismic engineering and construction.  We help building owners and managers address the requirements of the new Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program (MSSP) offering cost-effective, top-to-bottom solutions.  

Our experienced team will handle every aspect of your project; from receipt of the Notice of Order through the final certification process… and everything in between.

Our services include site inspection, design & engineering, permit submission, financing solutions & cost-recovery options, foundation and construction of moment frames, as well as obtainment (acquisition) of a final retrofit certificate.

Whether you have received a Notice of Order and need a free site inspection, or are looking for a qualified engineer to assist you in the planning and permitting process, our staff is happy to assist regardless of the size of the job.  


Trust Our 30+ Years Construction and Design Experience
Our in-house staff will fully manage your Soft Story Retrofit process

0% Financing
0% Upfront Engineering costs

You don’t spend a dime until we start construction
100% financing solution includes zero up-front costs and 0% Interest!

Comprehensive Document Filing Management

We administer all paperwork, saving you time and money. Your dedicated account manager insures that all documents are processed and completed quickly and effectively.

Cost Effective Engineering and Construction

You only pay for what you need, guaranteed. We engineer and seismic retrofit your buildings with costs in mind.

Complete Seismic Soft Story Retrofit Services

We offer an A-Z design and build solution, including inspection, engineering, LADBS submission, plan approval, local government coordination, blueprint prep, draft and submission of Tenant Habitability Plan, asbestos and lead testing and Cost Recovery Program admin assistance

High Quality Custom Frames and Grade Beams

We use only the highest quality moment-resisting frames and grade beams to ensure safety during a seismic event. All materials comply with (LADBS) Ordinances 183893 and 184081, as mandated by the City of Los Angeles.

Free On-Site Inspection and Assessment

Contact us to schedule a professional on-site assessment of your property, including a detailed project proposal, qualified financing plan and our free guide explaining the seismic retrofit process.


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• Professional On-Site Assessment
• Detailed Project Proposal
• Specialized Financing Plan

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