Soft-Story Retrofit

A “Soft-Story” building is a property, be it residential, commercial, or apartment building where the first floor is much less rigid than the floor(s) above and, if not reinforced, poses a serious danger of collapse in the event of an earth… read more >>>

Seismic Retrofitting

Are you thinking about getting earthquake insurance? If you are a homeowner in earthquake territory, we recommend getting your home seismic retrofitted. Insuring your home will help cover the costs of the damage that an earthquake can caus…read more >>>

Foundation Repair

Well, don’t wait until the entire foundation collapses. It’s cheaper and easier to do small foundation repairs than to do full foundation replacement. Besides, leaving your foundation unrepaired for long will put the safety of your home and that…read more >>>

Foundation Replacement

Full or partial foundation replacement is a common construction process for many structures. Foundation replacement will be required if indeed the damage already done on the foundation is so bad that repairs won’t work. In addition to this, i…. read more >>>

Hillside Foundations

Are you building a home or a structure on a hillside? Do you have any problems with the foundation of your hillside property? Well, if the answer to these two questions is yes then you need our expertise for building and repairing foundations. …read more >>>

Floor Leveling

Floor leveling is designed to achieve two main things. To start with, it will play a crucial role in improving your living space. In addition to this, floor leveling can also be used to uncover hidden problems with the foundation that may be causing the floor…read more >>>


Maintaining proper drainage, especially around the perimeter of your foundation, is one of the simplest yet most cost-effective ways of preventing foundation damage. Prioritize installing proper drainage systems in your property. Poor dra… read more >>>


Waterproofing is a simple procedure that is designed to protect against water intrusion which may cause significant damage to your structure and its foundation. Waterproofing has a lot of benefits and it’s a necessary procedure in protecting fo…read more >>>

Slope Repair

Slope repair is a procedure designed to make slopes more resistant to erosion in the future. It is also an important process that helps rectify slope instability and protect your property and everyone in it from catastrophic landslides. Any property th…read more >>>