Floor leveling is designed to achieve two main things. To start with, it will play a crucial role in improving your living space. In addition to this, floor leveling can also be used to uncover hidden problems with the foundation that may be causing the floor to be out of level.

Should You Be Concerned If Your Floor Is Out Of Level?

It depends on how out of level the floor is. If the floor is slightly out of level, then there is nothing to really worry about. This can be rectified quickly. But in cases where the floor is extremely out of level, it is important to get a full inspection by a qualified foundation expert. Sloped floors may be a sign of serious structural damage to your property.

Extremely sloped floors are caused by issues with drainage and if the problem is not rectified as soon as possible, it may lead to very serious damages on the foundation. In addition to this, a seismic tremor may cause the floor to be out of level. If that happens, it will be best to have the foundation also checked so that any damages caused are taken care off.


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Benefits Of Working With Our Team

We have a lot of experience in foundation repair and replacement as well as floor leveling. Our team has done floor leveling on numerous occasions and has delivered amazing quality. What we guarantee is the expertise, experience, and equipment to offer high-quality floor leveling within the shortest time possible. You don’t need to wait for months for floor leveling to be done. We will give you results in 2 to 10 days.
Issues with sloped floors are very common and the sooner the problem is fixed the better. In case your floor is out of level, give us a call today. We will be more than glad to help you fix the problem as well as deal with any other underlying issues that may have caused the slope in the first place.

How Is Floor Leveling Done?

The process of floor leveling can take between 2 and 10 days. Regardless of what is causing the slope, repairing an out of level floor will often involve the following crucial steps:

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    Shoring the Building

    This is the first step. It is designed to provide temporary support for the structure before the repair work starts. Shoring is done using oversized beams that come with precast piers and posts custom made for this role. The beams are placed strategically in specific places on the floor to offer full support.

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    The Building Is Separated From The Foundation

    The building will then be separated from its foundation. This is often done by disconnecting the sill plates from the foundation anchors. Sometimes, the stucco may get broken around the sill plate as part of the process.

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    Leveling the Floor

    Once the structure is fully supported and the foundation is detached from it, hydraulic jacks will be used to lift it. The structure is raised very gently to ensure that there is no possibility of damage to the interior. A field technician will be monitoring the lifting process by taking elevation measurements throughout the process.
    The gentle lift will continue until a point where the floor has been leveled again. The field technician uses advanced measurement tools to ensure that even slight defects on the elevation are detected. The aim here is to make sure that the floor is perfectly flat. Even the slightest slope will be detected by the state of the art equipment. In that case, don’t worry about anything, once we are done, your floor will be just perfect.

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    Adjusting the Foundation

    Once the floor has been leveled out to perfection, the foundation will be adjusted so that it will be able to provide the required support for the leveled floor. The adjustment can involve a number of techniques but it all depends on the specific conditions on site. Normally, concrete piers, girders, posts, and a new cripple wall may be used as part of the foundation adjustment process. This is simply done to ensure that the floor remains leveled for many years to comeeven after the temporary shoring is removed.