Are you building a home or a structure on a hillside? Do you have any problems with the foundation of your hillside property? Well, if the answer to these two questions is yes then you need our expertise for building and repairing foundations. Constructing foundations or repairing damages on a hillside offers a unique set of challenges and it’s far too often a very complicated process. For this job to be done right, you will need quality engineers with enough experience in foundation construction and repair. This is exactly what we offer to all our customers.

Why Choose Our Hillside Foundation Repair Service

We are one of the leading foundation repair companies in the market at the moment. We provide high-quality foundation repair and replacement services. This ensures your foundation doesn’t slide down the hill or your home or structure doesn’t slide off its foundation. We have highly trained field operators with state of the art equipment to deliver the most modern foundation repair service.

You will also enjoy additional services that are unique to hillside foundation repair including excavation, backfilling, trenching, and compaction. We have enough personnel and as a leader in foundation replacement and repair, we work closely with qualified geotechnical engineers too. Our company is certified to offer foundation replacement and repair services so you can rest assured that we offer full value for money.


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How To Get Our Service

In case you are sitting there and thinking that you need an effective foundation repair, then we are always ready for your call. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will schedule the repair work anytime you are ready. We will arrive on site at the agreed date and assess the damage carefully before the repair begins. You will also be given more details on the repair costs and the payments modes to be used. Hillside foundation repairs are very complicated and may take longer than normal foundation repairs on flat surfaces. However, we have what it takes to deliver great results within the shortest time possible.

Hillside foundation repair requires expertise, state of the art equipment, and a lot experience. We are all that and more. Give us a call today!

Components Of Hillside Foundation Repair

There are two very important components in any hillside foundation. These components are central in making sure the foundation is strong and reliable.

Here they are:

Caissons Or Piles

The pile is utilized for one main role and that is to transfer the total load of any given structure to the bedrock. The piles need to go very deep in order to reach the bedrock and as such, heavy machinery including auger attachment might be used for drilling. However, in some cases, depending on site conditions, the shafts for the piles can be hand drilled.

As for the caissons, typically a round hole will be drilled deeper until it reaches the bedrock. A strong steel cage of reinforcement bars will then be created and fitted into the round hole. Once the steel cage is in place, the engineer on the site will inspect how it’s been placed and make sure that it is okay to proceed. After the engineer gives the green light, concrete will be poured into the caisson around the steel reinforcement.

Grade Beams

The grade beam is often defined as a continuous concrete beam reinforced with steel whose job is to distribute the structural load to the bearing points. In the case of a hillside foundation, the bearing points would normally be the caissons and the piles. The grade beams can provide substantive structural support, especially in places that experience seismic movements.