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Los Angeles City Soft Story Retrofit Ordinance

Planning and Engineering

Planing and engineering is the most crucial part of the process since the construction cost is determine based on the engineering details which are submitted on the plans for permitting purposes.

The city of Los Angeles has set out an extensive checklist of documents and calculations including a requirement for certification from a P.E. (Professional Engineer). Any plans submitted not meeting the specifications is returned with corrections (red-lining) for re-submission.

Building elevations are required – and unless the building owner can provide an “as-built” this will additional hours of additional site measurement, engineering and drafting. Los Angeles is very unlikely to have copies of the original plans of the Los Angeles soft story buildings given they were constructed prior to 1978.

Every project is different depending on many factors, including size and complexity of the building. Our job is to come up with and effective solution and produce solid plans that are cost effective (from a construction stand point) ensured guaranteed to comply with the seismic building code.

Value Engineering is a key component in finding affordable construction solutions for a property. Value Engineering is the process of evaluating all compliant construction solutions for a structure with the goal of finding the best value option. (Re-write)

Our engineering team will work together with you and/or your manager to provide you with the cost efficient engineering plans that tailored to fits the unique situation of your building and will provide a full set of plans for your review and approval prior to submitting for permit.

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