Retaining walls are mainly constructed for soil containment but they can also serve a wide range of other purposes. The retaining walls can be used in the construction of basements and the creation of usable flat spaces. In case you are looking to build retaining walls, we are here for you. We have a lot of experience in the construction industry, especially in structural and concrete work. With our service, you can easily get a quality well-built retaining wall that will serve you for a long time. And that is not all. We understand that sometimes getting permits for construction can be a little complicated. You wouldn’t want your project to drag along just because the process of getting the required permit took too much time.

We will help you expedite the acquisition of building permits for your retaining wall and save you a lot of stress and hassle. Retaining walls that are higher than 4 feet require special engineering requirements. We will provide that for you. You will also need a Geological and Soil Engineering Exploration Report before the permit is granted for the construction. Our company will help you expedite the acquisition of this report. We always want to make sure that your retaining wall construction project takes as little time as possible. This will save a lot of money.


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What To Expect From The Construction Of Retaining Walls

Construction of the retaining walls can be done in a wide range of ways. The approach we will take in building the wall will depend on the role the wall is meant to serve and the specific site conditions on your property. There are two common construction approaches though. You can either get a concrete block retaining Wall or a poured-in-place retaining wall. We will provide advice on which options to go for once we are at the site.

Poured-in-Place Retaining Wall

The wall must be built according to the specific dimensions set in the construction plan. The construction uses steel and concrete as primary construction materials. The wall will be reinforced with steel and concrete will be poured into it. In case you are looking for additional unique aesthetics, the concrete can be smooth-faced or with a wide range of unique designs including brick to make sure will look amazing once it cures.

Concrete Block Retaining Walls

The approach in constructing a concrete block retaining wall is a little bit different. Hollow Concrete Masonry Units or CMUs will be used. They will be reinforced with steel to add to the strength and then concrete will be poured in. These two options offer different advantages but they have one thing in common, as long as they are done right, they will deliver a good looking strong retaining wall that will serve its purpose very effectively.

When it comes to construction, the only thing that makes a difference is quality structural and construction work. Poorly done retaining walls will cost you in the future. It is important to, therefore, take your time and invest in a reliable retaining walls construction company that has what it takes to deliver quality service.

This is the main reason why we have been doing this for many years. We understand very well that building a retaining wall is not that cheap. It would be very sad to have to rebuild the wall over again only because the contractor you hired in the first place failed to deliver what was needed. This is not something you would have to worry about with our service. Give us a call today and let’s work together to construct a strong retaining wall for your property at very affordable prices.